Gérald Ariano presents Mon Animal TV, the YouTube channel that “goes into operating theaters”

Host and producer for the TF1 group, Gérald Ariano has a few shows to his name. Among them, Bougez Vert on Ushuïa TV, which has just passed the 12-year mark. But the man, passionate about animals, also launched Une vie de bêtes on Ushuïa TV and the Mon Animal TV channel on YouTube . Presentation of an original project!

Woopets: Gérald, what is the genesis of the Mon Animal TV project?

I was looking to mount a complementary animation to Ushuaïa TV, where I present species of wild animals. However, this program was not about pets. I missed it. In fact, I had the idea of launching this channel on pets, dogs, cats and NACs, by bringing the codes and technical means of television.

It is, therefore, a high quality program …

Great importance is attached to it. It is also a question of mastering the image. There must be meaning and allow Internet users to build a real reasoning through a quality product.

Animal health and welfare are often discussed topics. What angle will you favor?

I wanted to create and design this channel like a television channel. There will be several playlists. Each is related to a program. We only have 2 months of existence on YouTube. But we are a team of passionate people and we all believe in it. Especially since the first feedback is supposed to be positive.

What playlists can we find there?

For the moment, we find “ Carré VIP ”, “ Les Experts ” and “ The Good Veto ”. On the latter, the idea came from my own experience. While filming at the SPA for the show Une vie de bêtes , I broke down and I came back with a cat to my house. He had serious health problems and had to be operated on at Fregis. Like many pet owners, I wondered what my cat was going through on the operating table. I looked on the internet and couldn’t find anything about it. So I wanted to launch a program where we could enter the operating rooms. This is the first time that a television crew has been brought to an operating theater!

So you want to tell the story of a surgery, for example …

We want to make the operation accessible to the general public. Pet owners who drop off their protégé in a veterinary center can now see what they are going to experience.

Again, with very professional treatment. This brings a real plus to your program …

It is important to provide quality programs on the Internet. I find it good that the web allows everyone to offer video. However, we must endeavor to put humans and animals back at the heart of our concerns.

Through Bougez Vert, you defend responsible tourism and natural heritage. Is promoting the animal world and their health also a way of taking responsibility? To pay attention to what surrounds us?

Totally. In Bougez Vert , a tourism program on natural heritage, we talk about the pride we must have in our country, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. I have been traveling France for 12 years and I never got tired of France. Defending animals means defending animal heritage. It is also very important. We are in a period where animals are disappearing. There are mass extinctions of species. People have to understand that saving animals, nature, is saving yourself. There is a better, it is true, with the new generation, but it is still going too slowly.

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Do you have pets in your home?

I’ve always had it. I own a cat. I have always dreamed of having a dog, but my job and my many trips do not allow it. My cat is called Sasha and comes straight from the SPA. I expect a second in September. It will be a Highland Lynx . A breed that comes from the USA. Only one breeder exists in France, he is in Paris.

Will my Animal TV have the chance to be on TV one day?

For now no, but I’m open to any proposal (laughs).


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