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exercise to keep healthy, which is good! It’s better to be with a dog! No matter what breed your dog is, it needs to exercise to avoid the risk of overweight and subsequent health problems. In addition, this increases his life expectancy.

executive summary

the precautions that should be taken before exercising with dogs are what the dog owner and sports coach do with dogs? How does this affect your dog

, but you shouldn’t do anything. Choose a sport that suits your dog’s size, breed, shape and age. Another factor to consider is to check the possibility of your location at home, availability, physical ability and work habits. Other benefits of


will strengthen trust and collusion between you and your dog. So stop waiting!

precautions to take before you exercise with your dog

. Be sure to consult your veterinarian before you start exercising. It will assess whether there are no contraindications and provide you and your dog with personalized suggestions on recommended or prohibited sports.

if you start exercising with your dog, please tie it to the belt and gradually adapt it to the public environment. Generally speaking, do not require too much exercise, especially jumping, because the joints are still fragile before 8 or 10 months.

do not feed him before eating or even after the beat (about 1 hour) to avoid indigestion.

When your dog

owner and sports coach take a walk, it is a good way to start sports activities. All the elements and objects you encounter in your walking environment can be used as excuses for games and sports activities. For example,

walks and jumps along a small Canyon, improves the route between stones and trees, climbs stairs, runs in public parks, and plays with

branches. The list can be supplemented according to your care and environment.

Besides walking, dogs need exercise as much as men. Take your partner to the park or country at least once a week so that you can be more athletic and active than traditional walking. There are several options on the menu: running, natural jumping (trunk, stone, etc.), swimming in summer… What sports does

practice with dogs?

has special dressage and dog education clubs all over France. These associations are a good way to exercise your dog. The activity is very accurate and targeted at your dog. Here is a list of the most common activities:

there are many activities to practice with your dog. They all have physical and mental health benefits for your relationship with your dog.

receives suggestions from woopets through a registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about canines: This is probably the simplest subject. Simple double crossover. To do this, wait until your dog has grown. Border Collies or huskies are ideal dogs. They can run for hours without stopping. Some breeds of dogs contain this substance in their blood (see below). Before you start, put a leash on your dog. This simple necklace may strangle your partner. On your side, fasten your seat belt,Use your dog to cushion. Of course, don’t hide the right running shoes. For the latter, you don’t have to let your dog think around you. For routes, avoid exceeding 10 km. Try to feel your dog’s fatigue. If you feel his shortness of breath or excessive strength, stop him. Agility: especially recommended for apartment dogs, but effective for everyone, this is a good exercise to develop your dog’s flexibility. This is an obstacle route (hedge, tunnel, tilt…), which will develop its vitality and analytical ability. As far as you are concerned, you will learn and execute your orders. Without a belt, your dog has to listen to you. Perfect for training your dog. Just like in canicross, you can practice agility for your own fun or competition. Flying ball: another obstacle, straighter this time. This is mainly a dog relay. He must finish the game as soon as possible and then press flybox to catch the ball in flight. It is a comprehensive sport that gives him flexibility, synchronization and vitality. Jumping: it’s also a good way to attract all your dog’s muscles. It’s a bit like agility because your pet has to overcome many obstacles. Bottling: you might think it’s reserved for some breeds of dogs. But your dog can be a good liar. Of course, a happy, balanced dog eager to please its owner will be an asset. Bottling? Dogs dig for truffles. The competition began in the late 1960s. A well-trained dog can find truffles when they are mature, bring them back and leave the rest on the ground. He will also try to ignore the surrounding environment. Your dog’s “enthusiasm” for truffles is not accidental. His inclination must come from his education. Kania TV is very close to kanikros. The difference is that you sit on your bike and your dog runs around you. You can also try boxing, including obedience, jumping and biting tests. Your dog can also develop his body through music, thanks to rhythmic obesity. Just like he can play Frisbee with you.

all these sports can be carried out in your home (with garden) or in dog clubs all over France. Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian for advice before doing any exercise.


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in France. What impact does this have on your dog

? You and your dog should take your time. If your veterinarian allows you to let your dog practice the discipline you want, you should do it moderately. Warm up enough to avoid muscle injury. At the same time, pay attention to his diet so that he won’t have stomach problems.

for others, exercise is beneficial in any way. This will stimulate the dog’s whole muscle. It will gain flexibility and flexibility. His heart will be strong. Exercise is also a good way for your dog to socialize. In addition, your relationship will become more effective. You can get more information about the sports offered from the associations or federations in your area. Please note that all these activities are open to beginners and experienced people, and there are many followers in France

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