“Laziness” is the lifestyle of 14 kinds of animals

These animals love to spend their time lazing around. They even elevate laziness to the rank of art.

Our dogs and cats have their moments of intense activity, but also others where they let their lazy side express themselves.

They then become so apathetic that it would sometimes be difficult to recognize them. Fortunately, these lazy creatures aren’t lazy for long. As soon as their batteries are recharged, they recover and start running and jumping everywhere.

Here are 14 photos of dogs and cats that have made laziness a real way of life.

1. This German Shepherd is tired of chewing his bone, so he decided to lay his head on it

2. This Labrador-Retriever spends his time in his water basin watching squirrels

3. This cat has discovered the joys of air conditioning and doesn’t want to do without it anymore

4. This dog is so lazy that he melts

5. He didn’t even try to get into a sleeping position

6. This cat also falls asleep anywhere and in any position

7. A habit that is also found in this Rottweiler puppy

8. Another lazy cat who lets himself be conquered by sleep

9. This cat always lies down in this posture, wherever he is.

10. Another sleeping feline. His mistress does not dare to move her arm, for fear of waking him up

11. The hikes exhaust him

12. He is too lazy to go to bed in his basket

13. His master is mowing the lawn, but this Doberman does not intend to budge one iota.

14. He no longer wants to walk or play


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