This mom dog teaches her puppies patience and discipline (video)

Rosalie is the proud mother of 8 puppies. When the latter are a little too turbulent, she knows exactly how to gain respect from them and calm them down.

Dog of breed Golden Retriever , Rosalie has a lot of experience in maternity , since she had already given birth to 3 litters before this one. She therefore knows perfectly well what to do with her young when they venture to cross the limits.

The video in question here allows us to see it in action. We see the dog enter the room where are her 8 adorable puppies . At 8 weeks old , young canines are less and less allowed to suckle their mothers. At this age, the puppies’ teeth have started to grow well and breastfeeding becomes more and more painful for the mother, who pushes them back to make them understand it.

When Rosalie arrives, therefore, the puppies are extremely excited . They all rush towards her trying to reach her udders, but for the bitch, there is obviously no question of letting them do it. She begins to growl and bark at her cubs, who immediately understand that they must stop harassing her like this.

Showing a great deal of authority , she curtly interrupts any attempt at approach. The puppies calm down and lie down. She waits a moment, then begins to examine them one by one. Some take the opportunity to try their luck again, but they are reframed just as quickly.

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This scene perfectly illustrates the importance of the mother in the education and socialization of the puppy. It is this which gives the bases of a balanced behavior to its offspring. Thanks to this, young dogs understand that you cannot do just anything with others: pushing, nibbling, pulling the tail, etc. Removing a puppy from its parent early puts it at risk of developing behavioral problems that may be difficult to correct in adulthood.


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