The cat locked in a bag saved by a sorting agent becomes a symbol and is elected Minister of the Environment

The cat rescued at the last minute from a chipper a week ago is doing very well. He even found a home and a job that more than one would envy him. All that remains for his adopters is to choose a name for him.

On December 21, Mikhail Tukash , a sorting agent in the Gorkomkhoz company saved the life of a cat that had been locked in a bag and thrown among the garbage . Said bag was on the conveyor belt which conveyed the waste to a shredder . It had been discovered just in time by the employee.

His story had been relayed around the world by the media and social networks. After his incredible rescue , the animal began his whole new life as … a high official , as Slate reports.

The cat has, in fact, been adopted by the Ministry of the Environment in Ulyanovsk , a region in western Russia where the waste treatment company in question is located. He even received the honorary title of Deputy Minister of the Environment .

Her job is quite simply to live her life as a cat by moving freely in the offices of the ministry.

The adorable black and white feline takes full advantage of his new status, he who had come close to the worst a few days before. Mikhail Tukash can be proud of having had the presence of mind to check out the contents of that bag that day.

The cat does not yet have a name . The public was invited to find him one by sending suggestions.

The video below shows the moment he was rescued, his vet examination, then photos where he is resting quietly in an armchair or at the foot of a tree.

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