Referendum for animals: the French plebiscite it

We know the French are sensitive to the animal cause, but to what extent would they be ready to support a concrete initiative intended to protect animals? A study gauges the adhesion to the “Referendum for animals” on the part of the French population, all social and political affiliations combined.

Prohibitions on hunting with hounds and so-called traditional hunts, animal breeding in order to obtain fur , animal experiments (when there is an alternative research method), intensive breeding , cage breeding and live animal shows of non-domestic species are the 6 measures accompanying this citizens’ initiative .

  • The organization of a referendum on animal rights benefits from the support of 3/4 of French people (73%) . Those who spoke in favor of this approach come from various social and political layers : the ecological sympathizers to the tune of 87% and the frontists to 88% in particular.
  • 71% of French people would be ready to sign the petition necessary for the validation of the RIP procedure (referendum of shared initiative). This is very good news, bearing in mind that to obtain the organization of the poll, the referendum must obtain the signatures of 10% of the voters.
  • If the process goes to the end and leads to a ballot, nearly one in 2 voters (49%) could take part , which would represent a record participation rate compared to other referendum proposals tested by Ifop these last years.

These are the major lessons that emerge from this study. It can be deduced from this that the “Referendum for the Animals” enjoys broad popular support and that the project’s chances of success are very real .

The full results of the study can be found on the Caniprof website.

Canine and petlover educator, Kevin Jourdan , co-founder of the site, intends to defend his vision of the project.

With his experience, he hopes to create a link between pet owners and animal advocates, two groups that are inseparable in Kévin’s eyes:

There is a whole lot of information on the animal and canine theme on the Internet. And the difficulty when you want to take care of your animal is not to FIND information, but to sort out what is quality and what is not …

This has been the credo since the launch of our media: how to provide precise, well-founded information, validated by experts on subjects as vast as education, health or dog recreation …

Joining the movement launched by Hugo Clément was quite natural for a media like ours which seeks on a daily basis to commit to the best living of dogs, but in an ideological way, animals in general.

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We have often thought about ways to raise awareness about abandonment, abuse, etc. This initiative was an opportunity to use our voice to carry an important message. Joining forces with IFOP and Hugo Clément’s initiative is one way of contributing to an important message for us. Simply.

When we are lucky enough to be able to combine digital and animal hats, as is my case, it is unthinkable not to take advantage of it to create synergies and generate action in the people who follow us on a daily basis via our articles, our positions, etc …


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