Soon a nursing home for dog cops? Police have launched an online jackpot for its construction!

In Marseille , dog technicians have launched an online fundraiser. Objective: to raise € 40,000 for the construction of a retirement home for service dogs. Canines who, very often after their mission, do not know the joy of being adopted.

And why therefore should dogs, man’s best friends , not have the right to spend their last days in a comfortable, welcoming and benevolent structure? In other words, why shouldn’t they also have the right to a retirement home ?

The life of many dogs is not just about food-sweetness-rest. Several of them are working . Whether as a guide dog or as a service dog with rescuers , in contact with the police or gendarmerie . A bit like the Erros image. This Malinois Shepherd joined, in 2008, the departmental direction of public security of Bouches-du-Rhône . Its missions: to detect banknotes as well as drugs .

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An administration not insensitive


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