20 photos of dogs highlighting the uniqueness and beauty of each one

Dogs each have their own touch of humor. This is what a duo of Russian photographers was able to show through these photos.

Here are 20 photos of dogs taken by Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova .

1. A Petit Brabançon that does not let itself be impressed

2. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, hairs in the wind

3. A Beagle who enjoys playing the wolf

4. This Dogue de Mallorca winks at us

5. French Bulldogs also have the dark side

6. A Chihuahua who looks suspicious

7. A Whippet who invites us to play with him

8. A Welsh Corgi Cardigan who likes to make faces

9. Ready to catch the ball

10. The Beagles definitely have a lot of humor

11. A Bernese Mountain Dog sticking out his tongue with a mischievous look

12. He wants to whisper something in our ears

13. This Doberman Pinscher is very attentive to what the photographers tell him

14. The dog who liked to play gangster

15. Le Petit Brabançon is back

16. A finesse Saluki dog

17. This Australian Cattle Dog has eyes sparkling with happiness

18. He is glad to hear the photographers tell him that he is a good dog.

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19. An old dog who quite enjoys these photo ops

20. A touching gaze to be so pampered by dog-loving photographers


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