20 moving photos of missing dogs finally back home

The disappearance of a dog is a very hard experience. These photos illustrate the happy and moving moment of reunion with the family.

There are many reasons a dog can go missing. He can get lost, be robbed or suffer a traffic accident that will cause him to flee. Some families wait ten years before being reunited with their animal. But no matter how long it takes, the dog will always be welcome.

Here are 20 photos illustrating the happy reunion between the dogs and their families.

1. After running away, he returns home.

2. This dog returned home after a solitary walk. He was accompanied by the Golden Retriever from the neighbors who had lost track for 2 weeks

3. A separation which had lasted 2 years finally had a happy outcome thanks to the identification chip carried by the dog.

4. These 2 old friends lost sight of each other for 6 months. The man never expected to see his Pitbull dog again until a shelter sent him a video of a dog on their premises. Having recognized him, he immediately crosses the city to meet him.

5. These 2 friends have been separated for 4 years. But the owner never lost hope of seeing his Husky again. Luckily, the reunion could take place

6. The separations are very painful and the reunion very moving

7. This beautiful dog was found thanks to a great mobilization of her family who had not seen her in 20 months.

8. This is how they spent the day of their reunion

9. The expression of this dog when he finally sees his owner after 7 months of separation is very moving

10. This Chihuahua was separated from his family for 6 long years, but he recognized them one by one when he saw them again.

11. A man and his Rottweiler reunite after 8 years without news

12. After a disappearance of ten days, her owner decides to put his coat down where he last saw the bitch. At the end of the day, he goes back there and finds her sleeping on it. She was able to go home

13. A family happy to find their dogs lost for 6 years

14. Disappeared for 10 years, this dog was able to find her family thanks to her chip

15. A motorist struck a dog and then fled. The canine also fled in fear. His owner could not catch up with him. Several people helped her find him and bring him home.

16. Lost for 7 years, this dog was deftly approached by a farmer he was prowling around. Noticing that he was limping, he takes him to the vet who discovers his identity and contacts his owner.

17. Lost for 7 years, this dog was able to find his mistress thanks to his chip. The shelter he was adopted into had equipped him with it and, without it, he might never have been reunited with his family.

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18. Lost for 2 days, this bitch anchors herself in her chair for fear of being torn from her home again

19. A moving reunion after 6 and a half years of separation, made possible thanks to the dog’s microchip

20. An advertisement on the net informed of the disappearance of this dog. Another indicated that someone had found a lost dog. A third party saw the 2 ads and was able to cross-check the information and help with the reunion


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