The fall of a dog in a mine shaft requires the intervention of several firefighters

In Australia, 2 fire teams and a forest ranger joined forces to rescue a dog in distress. The animal had fallen to the bottom of a mine shaft and its owner was extremely worried about it.

Western Australian firefighters have managed a delicate rescue, that of a dog that fell into a cavity on the Bunbury side about 175 kilometers from Perth , as Perth Now reported on Friday, July 16. The operation is all the more remarkable as it was carried out by several rescue units who worked in perfect coordination to save the animal.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA / Facebook

The quadruped in question is an Australian Shepherd cross responding to the name of Sage . Letting himself be carried away by his curiosity and his temerity, the dog found himself in a bad position when he fell to the bottom of a mine shaft. Cassie Warren , his mistress, had no way to rescue him due to the depth of the vertical tunnel and its steep walls. The canine could not go up without help.

Its owner called for help and a rescue operation involving more than one team was quickly implemented. Volunteer firefighters from the D onnybrook Balingup State Emergency Service , professional firefighters from the Bunbury Fire Station and a Capel County ranger arrived at the scene.

Unscathed, the dog found the surface and its family

Donnybrook Balingup’s unit first scouted to mark the safest path for Bunbury firefighters. One of the latter then descended into the mine shaft to retrieve Sage , before putting a sling around his body. The animal was thus safely hoisted to the surface, then returned to its family.

Sage’s mistress ensures that the dog has recovered well from his mishap, as evidenced by the photo below that she shared later.

Cassie warren


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