Dog puts to flight the 2 thieves who were targeting his owners’ house and hastens their arrest

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In Toulouse, 2 burglars had tried to break into a pavilion and already saw themselves leaving with their loot. They did not know that they were going to be entitled to a rather special welcoming committee. Vigilant, the owner’s dog forced them to give up their plans.

This inhabitant of the L’Ormeau district in Toulouse owes his brave dog a great deal and can congratulate him . The canine has, in fact, protected the family home which was targeted by a duo of thieves. Facts that took place last week and reported by Actu Toulouse .

On Wednesday February 3, 2021, around 2 a.m., the burglars in question noticed that the entrance door to the pavilion had not been locked . So they had no difficulty opening it. But while they thought the burglary of this property would be a snap, they found themselves face to face with the dog.

The dog was firmly determined to fend off the burglars

Driven by his keen sense of territory and his desire to ensure the protection of his family, the quadruped did not hesitate for a single second to charge the intruders. He chased them barking until he kicked them out of the house. The 2 individuals could only flee in front of the determination of the guardian of the place.

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However, they did not manage to get very far. The canine master was woken up by the din just in time to figure out what was going on. He immediately notified the police . Quickly, a team from the BST Center (Specialized Field Brigade) arrived and scoured the area, eventually catching up with the fugitives , who were not at their first such incidents. Aged 18 and 19, they had just stolen some items inside 3 vehicles.

They were tried in immediate appearance two days later.

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