Canine blood donation on the rise, he saves one dog with the blood of another!

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Newton, a Dogue de Bordeaux, saved the life of a fellow victim of a bite. It is, in fact, thanks to the blood taken from the first that the second was able to get out of the woods. His owner had accepted the transfusion without hesitation.

Little is said about canine blood donation in France, even though it saves precious lives. Compatibility is less complex in dogs, but transfusions are much less frequent than in humans in part because there are only 4 veterinary blood banks in France: Maisons-Alfort , Nantes , Marseille and Bordeaux . Often, therefore, veterinary clinics directly approach the masters of their patients when an animal needs a transfusion .

Recently, it was blood taken from a Dogue de Bordeaux that allowed a Labrador-Retriever to be saved. The donor, 2 years old and weighing 65 kg, goes by the name of Newton .

He lives with Fabienne , his owner, in Bouillé-Ménard in Maine-et-Loire. She tells the Journal de Vitré that last October 18, the Innovet veterinary clinic in Segré , where Newton is being followed, called her to ask her if she wanted blood to be taken from her dog to transfuse it to another. The latter had lost a lot of blood after the wound, which had yet been stitched up, reopened. This Labrador was hospitalized because he had been bitten on the neck by a wild animal.

Fabienne accepted and quickly took Newton to said clinic, where he was anesthetized for the transfusion. The operation completed, the quadruped woke up without any problem .

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