What is the Volhard regime?

Wendy walhard of Illustration : "Qu'est-ce que le régime Volhard ?" and

believes that through dietary tests on several generations of dogs, sick animals have recovered and the welfare of healthy animals has increased. The walhard regime attracted many dog owners who learned how to apply recipes that had been successful for many years. What is it made of? How much should his dog eat as part of this natural diet? What is the frequency of food?

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the origin of Volhard’s diet: saving Heidi, a diet to improve dog health, Wendy Volhard outlined Volhard’s

diet, as well as raw food or natural reading, The wahad diet is one of the natural eating patterns of dogs. They are substitutes for food provided by industry. Their creators have always believed that these foods are harmful to the health of dogs and are not suitable for the needs of dogs. Walhard’s regime was based on a recipe developed by an American behaviorist and cattle farmer. He gave it a name. It provides a good share of fresh meat, herbs, probiotics and cereals. Let’s look at this regime in more detail… The origin of the

Volhard regime: saving Heidi

former Wall Street Journal reporter, behaviorist and breeder, CO authored books on dog education and diet with Jack Volhard, Wendy Volhard is the creator of the Volhard regime.

All this began when his dog Heidi fell ill at the age of 5. Her liver and kidneys were seriously damaged. The veterinarian only gave her six months of life. Wendy Volhard was inspired by the works of Juliet, the mother of nature, who asked Heidi to fast and infuse herbs. Then she gradually introduced oats, buckwheat, honey, fresh meat, vegetables and herbs into her meals. Results: the dog has lived for 12 and a half years.

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Wendy Volhard later developed and theorized her recipes and taught her recipes in a “cooking” course for dog owners. The wahad program was developed in cooperation with a veterinarian and was officially implemented in 1984. Wendy walhard insists that it was developed on several generations of dogs and has improved over time, especially by analyzing blood samples from many quadrupeds of different ages, origins and sizes.

According to Wendy Volhard, this is a diet to improve the health of dogs. Wendy Volhard

became a breeder of landhill. She said that thanks to her plan, she was able to overcome hip and elbow dysplasia in her breeding range, but her dog’s life expectancy was 14 years, This is twice the national average in the United States. Wendy wolhard also has an English Springer, a Yorkshire Terrier, a German shepherd, a Bree shepherd, a Labrador hound and teak. They all benefit from his diet.


diet outline firmly believes that croquet and general industrial dog food are not suitable for animals and even harmful (digestive system disorders, allergies, poor hair quality, skin problems, etc.), Therefore, she established the Volhard diet, and its main principles are as follows:


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are two meals a day – one in the morning and one in the evening – PDuring the six days of the seventh day, the dinner does not include raw meat and liver (at dinner), cereals (oats, buckwheat, millet…), vegetables (steamed), fruits, wheat germ and herbal molasses (for potassium and trace elements), cod liver oil, carbamate oil… Yogurt or probiotics (kefir) Dietary supplements for beer yeast vitamin intake (vitamin C, group B, vitamin E…) emphasize animal derived protein and fat, reduce carbohydrates, not the whole bone, but powder

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