Covid-19 the health crisis has strengthened the link between the French and their pets

Illustration : "Covid-19 : la crise sanitaire a renforcé le lien entre les Français et leurs animaux de compagnie" Illustration photo – © Adobe Stock

Purina, a major player in the diet of our 4-legged companions, has partnered with the French survey company Odoxa to assess the impact of the coronavirus on the relationship between humans and pets. The results of this survey of 1005 French people representative of the population were unveiled on June 15, 2021.”

Lockdowns have allowed humans to get closer to their peers, but also to pets. 74% of French people and 78% of owners believe that the health crisis has had positive effects on the relationship between humans and pets.”


In recent months, cats and dogs have become loyal partners on a daily basis. They got used to spending much more time with members of their household, for whom they proved to be a support in the fight against depression and loneliness.”

The study conducted by Odoxa and Purina showed that the majority of French people are convinced that owning a pet provides real benefits. The affection that cats and dogs showed during this period, improved the quality of life and well-being of those confined. 


Collective actions to recognize the key role of the pet within society

Different lifestyles have made it possible to draw a new relationship between owners and their 4-legged companions. More than half of them want to develop a more inclusive society. The goal is to be more accepting of cats and dogs in the various places of everyday life, especially at work. About 40% of French people are demanding this right, report the results of the survey.”

Their presence would have a catalytic effect, reducing stress and promoting a more relaxed working environment. Purina has also set up the Pets at Work program, whose goal is to support companies to become Pet Friendly.”


But Purina does not stop in such a good way. Since 2016, the firm has been committed to raising awareness among 2 million children, the owners of tomorrow, across Europe before 2024. Awareness of responsible ownership is carried out through educational programmes offered at schools and other structures, such as libraries or leisure centres.”

Finally, Purina supports and accompanies social entrepreneurs. To do this, the company has launched the Better With Pets Award, including one of the finalists of the 2020 edition, which is none other than the association Gamelles Pleines, fights against the social exclusion of people in precarious situations by acting through the animal dimension.”

” The abandonment of domestic animals: a real scourge in France

Nearly 100,000 pets are abandoned each year on French territory. Purina collaborates with a myriad of associations to eradicate this scourge.”

The company is mobilizing to raise awareness among the general public about responsible adoption, in particular through 2 concrete actions: – a guide to responsible adoption accompanying future owners in their approach; – a breed selector directing them to the animal corresponding to their way of life.”

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Thanks to her commitments, Purina hopes to develop a society even more conducive to the bond between humans and pets. A long-term work, but one that is beginning to bear fruit.”

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