My dog barks when he is alone: what should I do?

Illustration : "Mon chien aboie quand il est seul : que faire ?"

dog barking has many meanings. When a dog is alone, its voice is more important for understanding and processing, because in addition to the problems related to its well-being, there are several problems, especially nearby.


my dog barks when alone: why? My dog barks when he is alone: what should I do? Suggestion 1: help your dog spend money suggestion 2: accept / control your instinct suggestion 3: let him get used to loneliness suggestion 4: teach your dog how to deal with setbacks suggestion 5: don’t fall into the relaxation that rhymes with the cruelty of

Your dog can’t handle loneliness well. Is this manifested in excessive barking? Your neighbor began to complain. Do you want your absence to be quieter for your dog?


solved every problem. Let’s see why your dog barks alone, especially what solutions you can come up with to solve this problem.

my dog barks alone: why?

first of all, when you encounter a dog problem, the first thing you have to do is to understand the origin of the problem, so as to completely solve the problem, not just the surface problem.


problems do show obvious symptoms, but if you only deal with these symptoms, The initial problem has not been solved and will certainly appear again in the future.

therefore, when the dog is alone, the most common reason is

My dog barks because it doesn’t spend enough money: my dog barks because it has a very developed guardianship instinct. My dog barks because it is anxious when it is alone. My dog barks because it can’t control its depression. My dog barks when it is alone: what should I do? Tip 1: help your dog spend

a dog that doesn’t spend enough can let you understand many ways, and excessive barking is one of them.

, as you said, the answer is in the statement: let your dog spend lonely time better without getting bored, So you must meet his / her consumption needs before and after each absence, but give him / her some work when you leave.


let him / her spend before absence, which means putting all opportunities on his / her side so that he / she just wants to sleep! Before you come back, give him a chewing or spiritual career to make sure he thinks your departure is positive.

suggestion 2: accept / control his “kdsp” instinct. Some races are more vulnerable to guardianship than others, But in fact, many dogs will be committed to protecting their homes and intimidating anyone close to their daily living environment.


of course, it is necessary to accept the instincts of our dog friends and shape them so as not to hinder their successful integration into society. In order to do this, it is very important to choose prevention. Therefore, it is recommended that

receive suggestions from woopets by registering for my newsletter. Your email address is collected by woopets so that you can receive our business news and offers. Learn more about choosing a variety that meets their expectations. If you don’t want a watchdog to bark easily when it thinks it’s unusual, don’t choose a breed specifically chosen for their watchdog instinct, such as German shepherd or Marino. Let his dog socialize as much as possible. Your dog must get used to making new friends from an early age, evolve in different environments, and often experience new situations. Avoid insecurity-Yes. A dog who feels unsafe in the environment will need to protect himself more, so he will bark when necessary. Therefore, have a comfortable place where your dog feels safe (a basket or transport cage remains open) and can take refuge there. Tip 3: get used to loneliness

you know, when you are at home, loneliness is the first thing to learn. This sounds contradictory, but it’s the key to success.

so even if you’re at home, make your dog used to staying alone in part of your home without you. In fact, don’t let your dog follow you everywhere, even set up a forbidden area where your dog has no right to accompany you when necessary.

in addition, it is recommended that your dog be absent gradually and cancel the departure and arrival ceremony:

Don’t say goodbye to him. Ignore him when you leave. Pretend you’re going to get the mail and come back right away. Relax your dog by doing things that usually cause you to leave, but don’t leave (take your bag, put on your coat, etc.). When you come back, don’t give your dog a monster party, ignore it, wait until it calms down, and then say hello to it. Give him a professional toy and let him see your departure as positive. Tip 4: teach your dog how to deal with his frustration

dogs bark constantly and excessively, which is usually used to getting satisfaction by doing so.

in fact, in daily life, Take the initiative to interact with your dog and stop experiencing contact. If your dog needs your attention (in any way), ignore it, wait for it to move on, and then start contacting.

the dog that ignores it is: don’t look at it, don’t touch it, and don’t talk to it.

do this every day, and you teach your dog to give up, This is victory. Waiting is better than persistence.


also read: tame a eating dog.

suggestion 5: don’t fall into the relaxation that rhymes with the cruelty of

. Finally, what you should never do, This is to put an electric anti barking necklace on his dog, because this torture tool will hurt and hurt your dog on the one hand, on the other hand, these necklaces will punish all barking! Don’t forget that barking is still one of the main ways for dogs to communicate.

if you can’t solve this problem, Don’t choose radical and coercive solutions: it’s best to find a professional dog behavior expert to help you find a solution suitable for you and your dog’s life. “

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