Injured in car accident, man survives 40 hours alone, thanks to his dog’s heroic act

By protecting his injured human for dozens of hours and keeping him warm, Sako the dog literally saved his life. Another demonstration of the loyalty and courage of our 4-legged companions.

Sako was not Joe Phillips-Garcia’s dog, since his owner was his cousin , but they were extremely close . From an early age, the German Shepherd Dog spent a lot of time with Joe , who often took him for walks in the forests of British Columbia (Western Canada).

An event, however dramatic , definitively sealed their beautiful friendship , as The Dodo tells it.

In June 2014, Joe and Sako were taking part in a family picnic.

When the happy reunion was over, they headed home with some cousins. Unfortunately, their van swung off the road and fell vertically below. All occupants of the vehicle are deceased , except Joe and Sako .

The young man remembers seeing that he was bleeding from his head. He couldn’t move anymore . The dog then came to lie on top of him , both to protect him , to comfort him and to keep him warm. Night fell and, after falling asleep, Joe woke up in the dark to see Sako fighting some hungry coyotes. He chased them away , then returned to the casualty’s side. The German Shepherd thus accompanied him for 40 hours , until the arrival of help .

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