12 Siberian Huskies before and after grooming

Siberian Huskies are unrecognizable after their grooming session. As can be seen in these photos.

Here are 12 photos of Huskies who have offered themselves a haircut.

1. When summer came, this Husky needed to get rid of all those lengths.

2. This Husky remains very robust even after his grooming session.

3. Brushing and grooming are essential practices for the maintenance of the dog’s coat.

4. He said goodbye to his tousled hair for sporting a smooth dress

5. This Husky only needed a good scissor stroke to look better.

6. The bright white of her dress was covered by the lengths

7. Such a cute puppy will melt hearts both before and after his grooming session.

8. Always full of enthusiasm when visiting your groomer

9. This Husky knows how to behave well in his groomer

10. An intense grooming session with remarkable results

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11. Although the difference is not very noticeable, the groomer can confirm that they have given this dog a thorough brushing.

12. Group grooming is all the more fun


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