A dog stranded for several hours in a vehicle rescued by a firefighter after a huge pile-up

Firefighters and police rescued a dog that had been stranded for several hours in the vehicle of its masters, after a gigantic pile-up. The accident killed several people. The canine is safe and sound.

On Thursday, February 11, a giant pile-up , most likely caused by ice storm , took place on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth , Texas. 6 people died and 36 others were injured in this terrible accident where more than 100 vehicles , including several heavy goods vehicles, are believed to be involved.

Many firefighters , rescuers and police were on the scene to support motorists and those accompanying them. One of the firefighters rescued a dog that was stuck for several hours in the pick-up of its owners, reports KHOU 11 .

He eventually managed to free him , then put him to safety in the local police patrol vehicle. The quadruped does not suffer from any injury . In the wake of his rescue , the dog was examined by a veterinarian present on site.

The dog is doing well and was picked up by a family member

Subsequently, a police officer took him to a refuge in the city of Texas. A family member went to the reception facility the same afternoon to pick it up .

In a later tweet posted by Fort Worth emergency services (Fort Worth Fire Department), we can see another dog, a Pitbull in the white gown and fire in this case, in the arms of a firefighter. However, no information was given about this second rescue . The animal appears frightened, but unharmed .

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