Firefighters risk their lives to find 2 dogs and a cat trapped in a burning house

Upon learning that 3 animals were still in the house in the grip of the flames where they were working, the firefighters did not hesitate to enter to rescue them, despite the danger. A heroic and risky act through which precious lives were saved.

The owners of 2 dogs and a cat are grateful to the firefighters who saved them at the start of the week, as reported by KSAT on Monday, May 31.

Very early that morning, shortly before 3 a.m., the San Antonio Fire and Rescue Center, in the State of Texas, had been called for a fire having broken out in a house with two floors. The latter is located at the intersection of Lyngrove and Capeswood streets, in the northwest sector of the Texas city.

On their arrival, the firefighters, but also the police officers who accompanied them, noted that the flames had already progressed a lot. They had invaded the first floor and consumed the roof, which threatened to collapse at any moment.


The occupants were not at home at the time; because of an electrical problem at their home, they had to stay in a hotel. Informed of the incident, they came as quickly as they could and, extremely worried, explained to rescuers that their pets were still inside.

The firefighters then entered and started looking for the quadrupeds. It wasn’t easy, but they eventually located them, as the flames, thick smoke, and unstable roof put them in jeopardy. Despite everything, they managed to collect all 3 of them and evacuate them in time.

A dog in the veterinary emergency, but all are safe and sound

One of the dogs was in bad shape. He had to be taken to the vet emergency room, where he was given oxygen, but he was released. Its congener and the cat are also unharmed.

The fire was brought under control after half an hour. Its origin has not been specified. The damage estimate either. The only certainty is that the bedrooms and the bathroom upstairs have been totally destroyed.

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Most important, however, is that no human or animal loss is to be deplored thanks to the bravery of the firefighters.


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