Mon Bibou, a free and supportive animal care platform

Created last summer, the site puts dog, cat and other companions in touch with people willing to welcome them without compensation during their absences. The platform thus offers a free pet care solution while contributing to the establishment of social links.

How can I take care of my dog / cat during the holidays ? Who should I trust with my iguana if I need to be hospitalized ? Who could feed and take care of my fish when I have a business trip to make? These questions all pet owners have to ask themselves at one time or another. It is as much about the well-being of the animal itself as it is about the peace of mind of the owner.

It is to offer local solutions to these people that the Mon Bibou site was created last June. It is the very first social platform for free accommodation of pets: dog, cat, birds, rodents, reptiles and even horses.

Mon Bibou is just as practical for those who want to be useful by welcoming animals when their owners are unavailable. Retired , disabled or isolated for various reasons, these people benefit from the company of these “ Bibous ” and its benefits , while rendering service. And if they have children , it’s a great way for them to experience the animal world and to integrate valuable values such as responsibility and respect .

Hosts can provide free care of animals in their homes or by visiting owners’ homes . They can also take care of dog walks during the day .

It is therefore sufficient for teachers and hosts to register on the Mon Bibou platform to be put in touch with each other. They simply have to create their profiles by providing information such as the living environment, the possible presence of other animals, the motivations and, of course, the location , because geographical proximity is a privileged criterion to promote weaving. social ties and facilitate childcare.

The 2 parties can then get in touch through the platform’s private messaging, before meeting to get to know each other better and establish a relationship of trust for the accommodation of the animal. The free access to this service is essential, since the aim is to simplify the care and prevent abandonment at the approach of the vacation periods.

Finally, it should be noted that the financing of the Mon Bibou site is made entirely through donations from users, part of which will be donated to animal protection associations , and advertising revenues .

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