Abused by his former owners, this dog makes a new start

Animal abuse is, unfortunately, still happening today. Some animals end up in the hands of malicious individuals and are sometimes abused for several years. Benny had this terrible experience before being rescued by an association.

A resident of the district of Wirral (United Kingdom) alerted the authorities after discovering that his neighbor was beating his dog. To have proof, he filmed the executioner tormenting his victim.

Anthony Joynes , agent for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), immediately organized a rescue operation. “ The man was using intimidation and abuse to show Benny who the pack leader was,” he explained.

The canine was found locked in a kennel, shaking with fear. Once recovered, his rescuers took him to the vet, who found scars and sores on his paws.


After being rescued and treated, Benny was relocated with Luis Estrada and Sophie Eleanor , from Manchester.

New life in a loving home

The couple spotted the hound on the internet and fell in love with him, Liverpool Echo reports. At 10, Benny finally receives the love he has always deserved.


He was quite nervous when he first came here,” his foster mother said. “He was anxious and suspicious; he didn’t know if he could trust us or not. But with time and patience, the dog relaxed and adapted to his new surroundings.


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