Why does my dog bite?

Illustration : "Pourquoi mon chien mord-t-il ?"

this is the biggest problem of the host. When a dog bites, it’s always vigilant. You want to put all your trust in your animal, your dog, also known as man’s best friend. It’s only here that it bites, and you don’t know what to do.

executive summary

plays an excited puppy, the so-called endogenous pain: your dog suffers from the so-called exogenous pain from the inside: your dog suffers from slight trauma, fear role reversal training, and the puppy playing

A little dog playing is very interesting. He bites you like his brother or mother during the game. But be careful, you must know how to stop it. Your dog must learn that biting is painful and it should not play with its chin.


should teach it not to hit it when it bites you. It may feel attacked and develop aggressive behavior. This is the opposite of what you want to do. The best way is to play like he plays with other dogs: you make a sharp cry to show your pain, and then stop the game. Repeat this process regularly.


excited about the behavior of approaching the puppy, and the puppy began to bite without knowing that he was injured. You should teach him to stop. If your dog suddenly bites you while you are playing, stop the game and ignore it. Nevertheless, plan to give your dog enough space to play, because it should not be unhappy because of boredom.

so-called endogenous pain: your dog suffers from it.

an injured dog is a dog that feels attacked. He defended himself by attacking. You needn’t blame him; he has suffered. You’d better tell your friend he’s not well. Don’t disturb him. Let him rest assured and find him a quiet corner so that he can relax.

so-called exogenous pain: your dog has experienced a small trauma,

children like to play with their dogs at home. Your dog is not always aggressive, but when it is attacked, it will bite off its teeth. He knows he shouldn’t attack a person because you teach him well, but if he gets hurt, he will eventually bite the murderer.

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and explain to children that you need gentle and kind gestures even in the game. You can also explain to your dog that they are children to comfort your dog.


many factors will scare your dog. A stranger walks into your house, someone close to your wallet or something that belongs to you. Your dog will be afraid and may bite to protect you.


let your dog know that you are the owner, so whether there is danger depends on you. To do this, we should educate him to bring strangers to your house and keep him away from you. If he starts to get excited or bark, ignore him.

role conversion

if you don’t train your dog, he may want to reverse the role and replace your master. So a bite means he wants you to do something. Note that you don’t have to meet his requirements. Instead,


start or restart training in this case. Play with him when you decide, and then stop in the same way. Systematically put it behind you, let it eat behind you, and let it walk behind you. So he will understand that you are the master and he must obey you.


also read: why is my dog agrThe last example is a training bite. In fact, some dogs are trained to bite on command. This is an instrumental bite. This kind of training has many risks. In fact, it’s hard to protect people around you from the potential aggressive behavior of this attack trained dog. He did it because he had a problem. You have to decode it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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