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, dogs are real members of our family. They have a place in our family and life. They have special needs for their own health, which usually leads to the expenses we have to bear.

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dogs identify the health status of dogs: the latest vaccines and veterinary examinations are the varieties excluded by the

insurance company Health related costs can be particularly high, so you need to buy dog health insurance. However, this can only be done under certain conditions. Many insurance companies provide health insurance for dogs. Each insurance company has its own insurance terms and conditions policies based on different standards, including dog age, health status and even breed. Most insurance companies that provide health contracts for dog owners have insurance clauses related to the age of animals.

this means that the minimum age is usually about 2 to 3 years old, and the maximum limit is more variable; Depending on the insurance company and the dog, this may take 5 to 10 years. Pets that do not meet these criteria cannot enjoy dog health insurance.

therefore, before making a choice, it is important to ask potential insurance companies about their applicable age limits, To make sure you can get health insurance for your dog. In some insurance companies, once an animal is insured, it will be taken care of throughout its life.

dog identification

in most cases, insurance companies require the owner of the dog seeking service to identify the dog. This seems to be an obvious and logical step for insurance companies and insurance companies.

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pets must carry an identification device that can be an electronic chip (a chip the size of a rice grain, implanted under the skin of a dog, and can be read through readers provided by most veterinarians, shelters, fur boxes, law enforcement agencies and other organizations) Or tattoos. Nevertheless, other insurance companies still accept uninfected and non tattooed dogs, but they have increased their rates accordingly. The health status of

dogs: the latest vaccine and veterinary examination

, as well as the dog’s identity, health status and vaccine are verified by the insurance company.

some institutions require animal owners to conduct a physical examination and provide veterinary certificates to prove their health. Similarly, this is a condition applicable to some insurance companies rather than that required by other insurance companies. “The same applies to the need to update pet vaccines, although this is much more common.”

the variety excluded by the insured

some insurers exclude certain breeds of dogs from insurance. Basically, these breeds are called dangerous or risky breeds, such as those classified as category I and category II. The health insurance clauses of


dogs vary from insurance company to insurance company and depend on the specific situation of dogs. Therefore, it is recommended to collect as much information as possible from any institution before selecting them

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