Dog helps panicked owner find puppy trapped under rock (video)

It’s not a scoop, dogs have an unparalleled sense of smell! In Pennsylvania, a dog has guided her owner to her puppy, stranded under a rock, since Sunday April 4. Once the small animal was found the next day, she contacted the emergency services who arrived.

Nadia Delicati was desperate not to find her 8 month old Golden Retriever, named Brandy . His multiple calls did absolutely nothing, explains People . Fortunately, Bailey , the mother of the missing quadruped, intervened. Thanks to her exceptional flair, the mother found the puppy. She then took her owner to him. The latter had his head stuck in a small hole under a rock, causing him to immobilize and preventing him from barking.

Firefighters had to intervene to save the little Golden Retriever

The intervention of the firefighters proved inevitable to save Brandy . It took 5 professionals to extricate him from his trap. The hole had to be enlarged to facilitate the procedures. It was by lifting the rock that the prisoner was able to get his head out. Once released, he immediately ran towards his owner, relieved of the outcome of this mishap.

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Blocked for about 20 hours, the survivor would starve and feel exhausted. Apart from a few pains in the legs, the canine came out of this terrible ordeal unscathed. He even took the time to thank all the rescuers who lent him a hand. “ It made our day a great time, ” Volunteer Fire Lt. Eric Coolbaugh said .

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