Practice acupressure at home with a dog

Illustration : "Pratiquer l'acupression chez soi avec son chien"

you can practice acupressure at home and let your dog enjoy its benefits. The main advantage is that it doesn’t need to move or be in a place it doesn’t know. Another advantage of this method is that you can handle it and the dog is easier to accept.


the prerequisite for successful dog acupoint massage is different dog acupoint massage technology

some acupoints of the dog How to apply acupressure to dogs? Minimum knowledge of key points and related symptoms. Once you master these skills, you can apply different operations to reduce your 4-legged companion.

prerequisite for successful dog acupoint pressing

in order to make dog acupoint pressing beneficial, it must be carried out in a quiet place. Choose a room away from external noise.

put your dog on the table or directly on the blanket, especially if it is large.

under no circumstances will force your dog to be manipulated when you don’t want to. Take time to let him relax, start with touching and help him relax. He will eventually like the latter and show a greater spirit of cooperation. The most important thing is to take your time. Observe his reaction and find out the body parts he likes to be touched and other parts he is more sensitive to manipulation.

it is also important to relax. If you are stressed or upset, you will tell your dog that he will not accept your care at all.

once the acupoint is determined, first make some slight circular movement around the area, and then gradually press it with your thumb for 10 seconds, Before release. Repeat the action on the same opposite side and then go to other acupoints that may need treatment.

has different dog acupoint massage techniques.

has a variety of dog acupoint massage and pressure techniques. The most famous and commonly used.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletters. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about pushing: This refers to intervening with the thumb, palm or sharp part of the palm. This acupressure technique involves holding a painful muscle or tendon between the thumb and other fingers. Then release the capture step by step. Mo: this action is based on the effect of friction. Make a small circle around the acupoint with your finger or palm. It allows work on the surface structure. Rou: This is a massage technique designed to relax the tissue to be treated. This area is used for circular massage with fingers, back of hands and even elbows. Qia: gently pinch the pulp with your thumb and the other finger. This technique works on the thick muscles of dogs. Cut: in order to promote the circulation of life energy, you first shoot at the skin, and then gradually relax. Nie: This is an acupoint pressing technique, which is similar to the rolling of a palpator. Exercise your muscles with one or two hands. For the effective effect of some acupoints on dog

, it is obviously important to learn to identify acupoints. In other words, the body parts of the dogIt can act on energy imbalance, obstruction and symptoms. Kdspe

passes through meridians or channels through which Qi and blood (or qi) flow. They are the same as those drawn in acupuncture and moxibustion. The following are the main points:


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vg20: this point is located at the top of the skull and the stop (between the dog’s eyes). Action in this place helps to appease animals. Vc12: This is the solar plexus, from the navel to the chest. We stimulate it to reduce indigestion. Vg26: This acupoint is at the end of truffle. For example, it allows treatment of trauma, respiratory problems and heat stroke. Vg4: it is located on the spine, starting from the dog’s neck, about two-thirds of the length of the back. This is to relieve the back, kidneys and enhance vitality. Lb40: located behind the knee, hind leg, allowing action on joint problems

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