Lost in a campsite, a cat finds his family 12 years later!

While they thought she was lost forever, the owners of Georgie the cat were surprised to learn, years later, that she was alive.

In 2008, the Davies , a family living in England, traveled to Scotland to spend their holiday at a forest campsite near Loch Lomond . Their cat , Georgie , accompanied them. However, the day they were to return, the latter had disappeared , says RTL . The Davies looked for her everywhere, but she was still nowhere to be found .

The family returned to their home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, without their pet. Years went by and the Davies had to come to terms with the idea that they would never see Georgie again . They even adopted another cat , now 9 years old.

12 years after the death of Georgia Davies learned that the cat was alive and well. In fact, she had never been away from the area where they had spent their holidays in 2008. She got food from other campers and staff of the campsite. No one knew she had a family. It was only during the confinement period that an employee thought to check if she was identified . It was there that he discovered that she was indeed wearing a chip , which allowed him to obtain the Davies’ contact details and contact them to let them know.

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Delighted to learn that Georgie was alive, Amy Davies and her family, however, decided not to take her back , because they did not have enough space at home and because the cat does not get along with her fellows .

Georgie has been placed in a shelter and will be offered for adoption .


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