Actor Pierre Niney happy for Bluma! The dog from the movie “Five” has been found! (video)

Igor Gotesman / Instagram

The dog of director Igor Gotesman was found safe and sound. Bluma had disappeared Wednesday night and his entourage, including the actor Pierre Niney, had launched a call for witnesses. The Staffie is back home and enjoying a well-deserved rest after her misadventure.”

Pierre Niney launched an appeal on Twitter to find Bluma, igor Gotesman’s dog, whom he had not heard from since Wednesday night. At that time, the 6-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier was being walked by a dog walker with other dogs.”

Those who had seen the movie Five certainly recognized the animal in the search notices shared by the director and his relatives; she played the role of Kilo in this comedy released in 2016.”

Fortunately, everything ended well for Bluma and her master, who were reunited last night. It was the filmmaker who announced it via several stories on his Instagram account.”

A good news that Pierre Niney also relayed via a tweet:

After crazy adventures… Bluma was recovered tonight!!! Thanks to the help of several good souls. So thank you to everyone who tried to help !!!

— Pierre Niney (pierreniney) February 25, 2021 Found safe and sound, Bluma spent the night at the house

Igor Gotesman had first shared information of which he was not yet certain. The dog had probably been abducted by 2 individuals seen in the metro, taking the direction of the Door of Clignancourt (line 4).”

He then posted a photo where he appeared with his 4-legged friend in his arms. Reunited, one could read. Smiling and relieved, the 35-year-old actor, director and screenwriter thanked all those who came to his aid, especially a certain Sabrina whose intervention was visibly decisive in this happy ending.”

The following stories showed Bluma quietly sitting in her basket, then asleep snoring loudly. Finally, Igor Gotesman renewed his thanks and invited his followers to remove the search posters posted.”

All the elements are to be found in the video below:

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