A gendarmerie unit is mobilized to rescue a Saint-Bernard victim of a fall of 10 meters in the mountains

Ensuring the safety of your pet while hiking is essential. Sometimes, certain accidents occur without warning … In the Donezan massif (Ariège), O’Neill had a bad fall, to the chagrin of his owner.

Tuesday July 13 was marked by an unusual intervention. A man called on the high mountain gendarmerie platoon (PGHM), after his four-legged companion, named O’Neill , fell.

The Saint Bernard, who displays nearly 75 kg on the scale, was quietly following his master on a hike in the countryside, when he tripped and fell 10 meters. The place being very steep and steep, the walker was unable to evacuate his dog on his own. He would certainly have put himself in danger …

© PGHM Ariège / Facebook

The dog was found injured

Although they are not used to rescuing pets, 4 gendarmes intervened, reports the news site Positivr .

© PGHM Ariège / Facebook

They used ropes and poles to safely retrieve the dog. “ There was a 250-meter drop, a little over an hour’s walk, ” said an officer. Once the canine was reached, rescuers put him in a stretcher and escorted him to his owner’s car. Indeed, O’Neill could no longer walk because of his paralyzed hindquarters.

© PGHM Ariège / Facebook

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To prevent such an accident from happening again, members of the Ariège PGHM recalled the importance of keeping your dog on a leash during walks.


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