Elisa Pilarski: A report is interested in the origins of Curtis and revives the debate of a possible attack against his mistress!

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Would the origins of the dog Curtis have been intentionally hidden? This is one of the questions asked by the report devoted to the Elisa Pilarski affair and broadcast during the program Sept à Huit.

3 months after the death of Elisa Pilarski , a young woman of 29, pregnant, bitten by one or more dogs in the forest of Retz (Aisne), many questions remain unanswered . The investigation is continuing to determine precisely the circumstances of the death and to identify those responsible .

While the analyzes of the DNA samples, made on the 5 dogs of the couple and the 62 hunting dogs of the Rallye de la Passion , are delayed because of their cost considered high, Curtis is still impounded in Beauvais in the Oise .

The report then focuses on the origins of the American Staffordshire Terrier, presented as a Whippet / Patterdale Terrier cross by his entourage. These 2 breeds do not fall into the categories of so-called dangerous dogs , unlike the Amstaff. We discover that Curtis is originally from the Netherlands and more precisely from a breeder , Sharon De Wit , who does not meet FCI standards. In addition, the identification chip worn by the dog bears the Dutch prefix, but does not correspond to any data on the I-CAD files . In other words, it would not be registered in France.

His counterpart from the opposing party, Me Guillaume Demarcq , emphasizes that none of the dogs in the crew had blood on him that day and that the hour of death cleared these hunting animals. The latter had been estimated between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. during the autopsy, when they would not have been released in the forest until 1:30 p.m. </p

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