Mars Petcare innovates and develops new ranges focused on health, practicality and naturalness to take care of your pet

Illustration : "Mars Petcare innove et développe de nouvelles gammes axées santé, praticité et naturalité pour prendre soin de votre animal" Illustration photo

Mars Petcare brings together brands of prepared food and hygiene products for animals such as Pedigree, Sheba or Perfect Fit. The group presented its great novelties of the year for dogs and cats, carried by its flagship labels.”

Excellent for health, practical and natural. These are the 3 axes around which Mars Petcare has articulated its new products for dogs and cats launched in 2019. Its slogan A Better World for Pets perfectly sums up its commitment for 75 years and is expressed in its novelties.”

High-end food and hygiene products adapted to the needs of pets, signed Perfect Fit, Greenies, Pedigree, Sheba, Nutro and Catsan.”

” Treats and complementary to meals that take care of your companion

The new ranges of complementary meals unveiled by Mars Petcare include perfect Fit Dental Care sticks and Perfect Fit Joint Care treats. The former help prevent the formation of dental plaque, while refreshing the dog’s breath. The latter contribute to the maintenance of good joint health thanks to their richness in chondroitin and glucosamine.”

Also to be discovered, Greenies treats that promise remarkable digestibility and an active contribution to the prevention of dental plaque. All made from natural ingredients and offered in grain-free versions. The sticks gently clean the teeth and provide a chilly breath to your canine.”

At Pedigree too, there is a new side treats at the service of the health and well-being of the dog. The Pedigree Ranchos awards are made up only of quality ingredients and are produced in Europe with 95% meat (a rare rate in the canine diet).”

Pedigree Good Chew treats allow, meanwhile, to occupy the dog for a long time, while preserving its dentition thanks to a soft texture. We had the opportunity to test them and it is possible to enter your nails without forcing. Proof that they will be safe for your dog’s teeth. The goal is to occupy your dog with a natural behavior that is to chew for 25 minutes on average. Ideal when you have to be away for an hour and your dog has trouble supporting your absence.”

Mars Petcare also introduced new cat treats through its Sheba brand. Your cat will not be asked to taste, directly in your hand, the creamy Creamy Sheba Creamy Snacks with salmon, beef or chicken. Enough to strengthen your complicity.

The new freshness sachets for the practical side

Mars Petcare offers new products in the freshness sachet format, which remains appreciated because it is particularly practical.”

For dogs, the Pedigree brand launches Junior Vital Protection individual meals. These are balanced portions and perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the puppy developed with nutritionists and veterinarians. They provide him with the nutrients to strengthen his natural defenses, to facilitate digestion, to take care of his skin, his hair and his bones.”

Sheba Les Créations is another of the new fresh bags, but for cats. Frayed chicken, slices of fish or frayed beef, it’s up to you to choose the recipe with which your feline will feast.”

And for the sterilized cat, Perfect Fit presents its Pouches which are available in 4 versions, adapted to the different lifestyles of the animal passed through the sterilization box: adult, indoor, sensitive and senior.”

La pnatural riority

Exit artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, as well as GMO ingredients… The focus is on the naturalness of products for dogs and cats.”

At the Nutro brand, we thought of pets suffering from food sensitivity or intolerance. The Nutro Grain Free range is grain-free, easy to digest, soy protein-free, dairy-free and egg-free, while Nutro Limited Ingredient is defined by the limited number of its ingredients (10 maximum and a single source of animal protein). As for the Nutro Wild Frontier range, it offers a diet close to nature to dogs and cats, in dry or wet versions.”

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Finally, the novelty on the side of the litters, the Natural Agglomerant of the Catsan brand highlights its total naturalness and biodegradability. Composed of wheat derivatives, it respects the environment as much as the health and comfort of the cat. Catsan Natural Agglomerante doesn’t just absorb odors effectively; this litter is also pleasantly scented. Available in 5, 8 and 20 liter formats.”

Illustration : "Mars Petcare innove et développe de nouvelles gammes axées santé, praticité et naturalité pour prendre soin de votre animal"1″

As you can see, the 2019 March Petcare novelties have left nothing to chance for the well-being of dogs and cats. From treats to litter to fresh bags, everything has been designed to help you make your companions happy and fit and meet everyone’s needs.”

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