How do you make his dog obey?

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teach dogs to obey orders and prohibitions, which requires a lot of time, work and patience. Improving his obedience, that is, correcting his educational defects and imperfections, is also a problem of understanding and dog psychology.

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reward is your ally. Congratulations to him! Consistently, the

dog is a free animal operated by a hierarchy. An almost paradoxical feeling in his obedience. On the one hand, he just wants to do it on his own head. On the other hand, his social instinct drives him to follow and obey those who are higher than him in the group. At the family level, the leader of the team, the leader, is you.

therefore, when your four legged partner comes to you, you have a complete educational work to do, many successes and many difficulties. Dog education experts have different understandings of obedience, but more and more professionals agree that the most effective, harmonious and respectful method of dog nature is to actively strengthen it. The

reward is your ally

. Nothing can motivate you more than the reward. Our dog friends are even more so. They like to be rewarded at any time. Of course, their favorite reward is to take advantage of their main “weakness”: greed. For most educators, candy is a real asset. Use them wisely, and you can get good results quickly.

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biscuits, dog biscuits and other delicacies. All our dogs like these delicacies very much to encourage them to carry out orders and perform well. In their mind, candy links exercise and good performance with positive feelings and pleasant things.

but be careful not to abuse these candy. First, because it is not conducive to their health (digestion, overweight), but it does not make it a necessary condition for obedience. They can only be used at the beginning of the apprenticeship. Then, the dog only needs to obey the master’s voice and / or gesture commands.

congratulates him!

caresses and encourages your dog in a pleasant tone, which is as rewarding and encouraging as candy to him. Our dog is very sensitive to changes in our voice and intonation. They fully feel the happiness we bring them, just like anger.


congratulate his dog, which greatly helps to improve his obedience when he acts in the right way. By flattering him, you make him want to please you by doing what you want him to do.


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button to teach his dog to be consistent.

your dog absolutely needs you to be clear and consistent. What you once forbade him to do will never be allowed in the future. The exception will create confusion in his mind and will only aggravate his obedience problem.

this consistency must also prevail in your environment, among all those who are called to contact your dog: your family, your friends, Your children… Let them play games and don’t respond to your pet’s requestsFor example, let him jump on them

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