The gendarmes discover a lifeless dog and 2 others in a sad state

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At the beginning of January, gendarmes entered the home of a dog owner, following a report. On vacation, the man left 3 dogs on their own. One is deceased, the other 2 show worrying signs of malnutrition.

The Aveyron gendarmes received a report at the beginning of January. Monday January 6, they decided to intervene at the owner of several dogs , as indicated by La Dépêche. An absent owner, due to vacation.

However, the police found, inside his home located in Laguiole , in Aveyron , a dog carcass , as well as 2 other living canines . Their health was precarious. Skinny, they were also infested with parasites according to our colleagues.

Dogs available for adoption, their former master continued

Taken care of, the 2 animals were first taken to a veterinarian , who confirmed cases of malnutrition and the presence of parasites. In fact, one of the two dogs suffered from bilateral mange . Treated, they were then taken care of by the SPA , which takes care of their convalescence.

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They are recovering and are already available for adoption . They will not return, in any case, to their former master who is now prosecuted for deprivation of food and care by the public prosecutor. This was notified to him on his return from vacation .

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