Lost dog: what happens when his dog runs away?

Illustration : "Chien perdu : que faire lorsque son chien a fugué ?"

many dog owners are faced with the huge problem of dog escape. In some cases, they may occur once or twice, but in other cases, they may also become repetitive, leading to a mediocrity that may become more troublesome.


why did you run away? How to prevent escape? What if you run away? “Kdsp” whether it happens occasionally or often, dog escape will bring danger to the dog itself and anxiety to the dog owner. The longer the time, the greater the risk of accidents, so it is necessary to respond quickly, but keep calm in order to carry out effectively. Before we begin to study how to find a dog as soon as possible, it is important to find out what drives the dog to escape and how to prevent the next escape. There are several reasons for the

dog to leave the owner’s house (detailed explanation here…).

running away from home may be caused by behavioral problems, which often result from premature withdrawal and low-quality socialization, or even do not exist at all.

The dog’s escape can also be explained by the need to join a group of peers who are used to passing near their home. Among our four legged friends, the instinct to live in groups is still obvious. This is their behavior in the human family.

running away from home may also be due to strong noise, such as thunderstorms or fireworks.

Some traumatic events can also cause trouble for dogs and may lead to their escape: moving, death of their owners, etc. in hot weather, males attracted by females ready to breed may be driven out of their homes. Finally, loneliness and boredom are also one of the factors leading to running away from home.

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prevent escape? Start by checking your fence. If they are low enough, let it skip, carefully check and repair any gaps your dog may pass through. Spend more time with your dog so they won’t feel lonely, so they won’t be bored when you’re away; Leave him a chewing toy. For example, if your dog runs away because of a hot female, take your dog to the veterinarian for hormone treatment, put an anti escape necklace on him, or install a virtual fence when he comes back after running away. Don’t scold him, But congratulate him. Don’t associate his return with some unpleasant things. What if he runs away? Once you realize your dog is missing, focus your car search on the main axis (3 to 4 kilometers) close to your home. Then turn to the smaller road. During the search, pay attention to the barking of other dogs nearby, villages or nearby. These barks may be a response to the presence of DYour dog. Ask passers-by if they have noticed a dog and give them a brief description of your dog (size, type or breed, color). If so, ask him how far he has gone. Try to find a possible backpack. Your dog may have joined one of them. If there are farms nearby, go and see their area because dogs are still attracted to animals in the backyard. If you find your dog in the distance, overtake it and stop a few meters in front of it. Don’t chase him, but remind him in a pleasant tone and encourage him to join you. If the search lasts longer, contact the nearest veterinarian, shelter, city hall and gendarmerie. Distribute posters with photos, descriptive text and contact information

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