2 sick and disabled puppies found in a ditch. A call is launched to find the owners!

Mi-chien Mi-loup / Facebook

An Isère association has launched a call for witnesses to try to identify people who abandoned, a fortnight ago, 2 sick and disabled puppies in a ditch. She has also opened a fundraiser to finance their care.”

Rox and Roucky had been discovered on February 15 in a ditch by walkers, at a place called La Charina in Assieu (38). The 2 puppies, from the same litter, had been abandoned by their masters, reports France 3 Auverge-Rhône-Alpes.”

Hungry and neglected, these young dogs of 6 months accumulate handicaps and malformations. They are deaf and one is also blind, says Raphaële Guidet, co-manager of the association Mi-chien Mi-loup that collected them. Canids also have dysplasia and their teeth are in a catastrophic state due to dietary deficiencies, she continues.

Anomalies most likely favored by the fact that they are from an unnatural cross, Cane Corso and Basset Hound in this case.”

The head of the Sassenage-based shelter says she doesn’t know if their malformed joints will be able to support their weights when they reach adulthood.”

” A pot for the care of Rox and Roucky

They will have to receive important care and be operated, after a battery of examinations, analyzes and X-rays. Expensive acts, hence the pot created by Mi-chien Mi-loup on the Leetchi platform. To date, nearly 700 euros have been collected out of the 1300 requested. Rox and Roucky are slowly recovering from their misadventure with their respective host families.”

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The association tries to identify and find their owners so that they are put in front of their responsibilities. It intends to file a complaint against them for abandonment, and has launched a call for witnesses to that effect.”

Finally, Raphaële Guidet thanked the walkers thanks to which the puppies were rescued.”

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