Wandering and hungry, he finds refuge under a car in the hope of meeting someone who would come to his aid!

Within weeks, Peanut was totally transformed thanks to the volunteers who took her in, the vets who cared for her, and then the family who adopted her. Today, this dog has nothing to do with the distressed, sick and skeletal animal that she was when she was taken in.

Peanut wandered the streets of Dumaguete , Philippines. The unfortunate dog was so malnourished that she had only skin on her bones , as I Love My Dog So Much relates. In addition, she suffered from scabies , which had caused her to lose almost all of her coat . The poor took shelter where she could, especially under cars.

The beginning of the end of her ordeal came when she was discovered and transferred to the shelter of a local organization, the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary . The dog was immediately taken to the vet , who made a full diagnosis and tested her for distemper . Fortunately, the latter turned out to be negative .

Extremely gentle , Peanut was easily manipulated by vets, who could thus treat her without any problem. It was then decided to entrust her to a foster family , rather than keep her in a refuge, because of her immune system which was still too weak at the time.

Thanks to the treatments and the attention paid by those around him, his state of health has improved considerably. Peanut regained her appetite and began to gain weight . His hair was also growing back .

The bitch was later adopted by a woman who treats her like her child. Peanut has her own basket , still eats well, enjoys the comfort and security of her new home.

3 weeks after her adoption, Peanut became unrecognizable . She is happier and healthier than ever.

Here is his story in video :

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