To offer their Golden Retrievers great entertainment, this shelter creates the perfect game!

A refuge in Brazil has the particularity of organizing swimming pools for the Golden Retriever, for the sole happiness of the animals.

The Golden Retriever is one of the water-loving dog breeds. For the residents of a refuge in Brazil, a pool party has been specially organized in their honor, with a pool set up for them, as reported by Animal Channel .

This is the Golden Retriever Friend Forever Kennel , where dozens of Golden Retriever dogs are treated like royalty. Dogs of this breed were specifically bred to jump into water to bring back prey to their owners while hunting, so they are naturally fond of swimming and swimming .

With the heat and summer coming, it was decided to please these furballs while taking into consideration that they have some difficulties with ordinary swimming pools. Indeed, dogs often have difficulty getting out of the pool without going through the stairs. The Golden Retriever Friend Forever Kennel therefore had a pool built that is not too deep, with a slope all over one side that allows them to go up and down as much as they want.

This special little party took place according to the rules of the art. There was sun and water, of course, but also music and a guest who joined the bathers. A photographer was also responsible for immortalizing this special afternoon and sharing the photos on the refuge’s Instagram account.

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