Teach adult dogs to clean

Illustration : "Apprendre la propreté à un chien adulte"

cleaning is one of the earliest learning of puppies. This task may be more complicated for an adult dog, but with the right method and patience, you can achieve your goal.


what is unclean? Why aren’t dogs clean? Learn the cleanliness of adult dogs, set aside time for strategic outings, and do what should not be done. The problem of

uncleanness usually causes dissatisfaction of dog owners, especially when the dog is an adult. Learning to clean, as human beings imagine, should start from a very young age. Unfortunately, life can sometimes be overwhelming for your dog. We must understand why to ensure that there are no major medical problems behind this problem.

what is unclean?

is a human explanation because dogs don’t hate their own or other people’s needs. Therefore, when a dog pees and / or defecates at home, it is considered unclean even if it has the opportunity to pee regularly. Therefore, we should not talk about the dog’s uncleanness because it is still learning.


dogs must be able to build their own self-discipline, so this can’t happen overnight. Therefore, the frequency of exit will depend on this ability.

why isn’t the dog clean?

it’s important to understand the reasons to solve the problem if you don’t want to make things worse. Here are the reasons why dogs are not clean:

doesn’t study well: if you want your dog to be clean, you must teach it. Otherwise, he doesn’t know what people expect of him, because cleaning means different to humans than to dogs. In fact, for dogs, cleanliness is a place where they don’t go to bed. Emotional factors: like humans, emotional sensitivity will affect the ability to inhibit health problems. Dog behavior problems: depression, allergy, stress, fear, excitement, etc. adult dog urine marker cleaning learning

Of course, uncleanness can be solved. Just retrain the dog to meet its needs in the right place. The following are the principles of re learning cleaning as soon as possible!

set aside time

the first thing you have to do is to have time with your dog. In fact, like any learning, if you don’t have enough existence, your dog may be more difficult to learn. You don’t have to be here all day, but you must have time. Kdspe “strategic travel”

“you must strategically bring your dog out. In fact, sometimes it’s better for your dog than others, especially to meet his needs. You can often take your dog out, especially after

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these are the most suitable times to go out. However, time alone is not enough! You have to take your dog to the right place. A good place must have no stimulation (no playmates, not too much noise). It can be in your garden or outside. The key is that your dog will feel good.

you should also give your dog some timeLook at the smell outside and make it want to relax and mark.

what is the right

your dog usually doesn’t have a toilet available when it wants. Therefore, we must pull him out as much as possible at the beginning, so as to congratulate him as much as possible when he behaves as expected. Even if a dog should be able to stay like a human for a few hours, it doesn’t think it’s pleasant for him. He may trouble him emotionally.

once your dog meets his needs in the right place, you should reward him. This means verbally encouraging him when he is relaxed. You can even give him a candy or his favorite toy when he makes it in the right place.

you can reduce your dog’s space when you leave him. In this way, he won’t go to every room to relax. You can also get help from a transport cage, but be careful not to keep it for more than four hours. This is bad for his health and morale.

should not do

is like any study. If you don’t want to make things worse, there are some things you shouldn’t do. The first method is to punish the dog without seeing the dog. Then he doesn’t understand where this punishment comes from. He even thinks that your arrival caused this punishment, rather than that it’s his uncleanness. This will put more pressure on him to work at home.

it is a strange idea to put truffles where he needs them. For a dog, its needs are not disgusting. He will think you are a person we can’t trust. He will hide in another part of the house, do what he needs, and hide.

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bleaching is the best way to encourage your dog to do it again in the same place. In fact, this smell will attract your dog, and usually your dog will be free from it.

finally, you must always pay attention to your dog in order to know when he needs to relax. Be kind, because your dog didn’t mean to be dirty. This is a misunderstanding between you two. When you think about it carefully, things are not so bad. It’s easy to solve by setting all the prompts. Know how to identify more serious problems to ensure that your dog’s uncleanness is not due to medical problems that can occur at any age. “

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