Fire in Australia: A dog finds his favorite object among the rubble

The fire is still raging in Australia, where flames ravage thousands of hectares every day. The fires destroy everything and especially houses, leaving families orphans of their objects, their memories. But, in the midst of this immeasurable sadness, a dog was fortunate enough to find his favorite blanket!

The fire leaves nothing in its path, except a charred landscape . A terrible darkness for those who, luckily, manage to survive. Australia has been hit for many months by fires which, at the start of 2020, have grown to impressive proportions. The flames are unfortunately out of reach and have already killed hundreds of millions of animals

His family has lost everything …

In Wairewa , in fact, the Zagami family saw their house completely destroyed by flames. She was saved. OJ too, their Golden Retriever. And… the latter’s plush, miraculously intact. In these moments, the smallest happy detail can make you smile. This anecdote brings a semblance of levity in this bitter fight against the flames.

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