Feed a puppy

Not all dogs eat the same thing. Although the nutrients they need are similar, their intake and intake depend on many factors, including size. Feeding a big dog is not like feeding a puppy. Small dogs do have special dietary needs.


increases the amount of food. Different evolution and growth resist the temptation to spoil them, even though they are small, Small dogs have considerable energy needs. Compared with their large counterparts, they are characterized by frequent activities, faster metabolism, faster growth and usually longer life expectancy. Coupled with their small stomachs and mouths, all these make their diet different from that of all medium and large breeds of dogs.

multi meal

small dogs need a lot of energy. At the same time, their bodies are not “equipped” to handle such a large amount of high calorie food. Their mouths and stomachs are much smaller than big dogs. If not properly fed, this difference between the puppy’s dietary needs and the digestive system may lead to digestive system disorders.

this is why it is usually recommended to separate the puppy’s food. Eating two or four snacks a day is wiser than one meal a day.

different evolution and growth

generally speaking, small breeds of dogs grow faster and age slower, In addition, their life expectancy is higher than that of large dogs. The accelerated growth of puppies makes them need more concentrated and growth nutrient rich food.

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. They live longer, so it is possible to accumulate more free radicals, especially those caused by pollution, effort and various external attacks. Therefore, they must be protected from these oxidative stressors by providing higher levels of antioxidants.

resists the temptation to spoil them.

usually tend to spoil puppies by systematically providing food or tableware. This is obviously harmful to their health, and there is more than one reason: it is harmful to their digestion, especially because these foods and cakes may contain harmful fat, and their weight will increase rapidly, making them face various serious diseases. This is also harmful in behavior, because dogs will eventually develop a bad habit of strong demand for food and leftovers.

focuses on quality

. Therefore, dogs must be fed appropriately in quantity (or rather, the frequency of eating) and quality.

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Professional dog food brands provide products specially designed for small dogs. These products provide high-quality protein, appropriate proportion of fat and carbohydrate supplements to meet the needs of small dogs


also emphasize the need to promote chewing and support digestion, focusing on small and nutritious snacks

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