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In our previous document (“animal health insurance: how to choose?”), there are , Illustration : "Top 3 des meilleures assurances santé animales" and

. We provide you with various important criteria to compare before choosing animal health insurance. For your convenience, woopets has done some research and selected the best three kinds of animal health insurance in the French market. These three insurances are different in different standards (franchise type, guarantee, service, etc.) mentioned in our last file. The following is a brief introduction.


santevet: various complete formulas are tailored for dogs, cats and NAC. Prevention: prevention is better than treatment! Service blue bubble to make your life easier: veterinary experts provide three “all risks” formulas for dogs and cats every day. Two Jim and Joe formulas prevent the shortest disease waiting time on the market: simple, single price and 100% number! A simple quote to protect your dog or cat, prevention is also very important! Manage your health refund customer space: the customized

and packages provide a variety of formulas to meet the needs of each species and variety, Santevet provides tailor-made services so that as many pet owners as possible can get the best veterinary care for their partners.

provides a wide range of complete formulas for dogs, cats and NACs.

santevet series includes five kinds of health insurance formulas for dogs and cats: light, Comfort, comfort +, quality and best. A formula specifically designed for indoor cats (“indoor cats”) complements the proposed scope. Finally, NAC also has the right to obtain its own health insurance. There are five formulas: rabbit, guinea pig, beetle, parrot and ferret.


health formulas are “all risks”. In case of accidents, diseases and operations, 60% to 100% of unforeseen veterinary expenses can be reimbursed.


Sant é vet provides an annual deductible to ensure that your pet remains unchanged throughout its life, regardless of its age.

prevention package: prevention is better than treatment!

in addition to its insurance cap, the health formula includes a prevention package, which can reimburse up to 100 euros per year for your veterinarian’s predictable and planned care (vaccines, insect repellents, sterilization, health checks, etc.).

This prevention package is not affected by the waiting time, so it can be used from the first day you sign the contract!

service simplifies your life.

santevet also provides you with many services to make your daily life easier:

is a personalized customer space: With just a few clicks, you can easily, quickly and safely send and track all your claims. You can also download your pre filled and customized care forms, and all useful documents can be found in one click! Mobile applications: wherever you are, you can have all your customer space and functions anytime, anywhere! Free veterinary emergency service, available 24 / 7: in an emergency, the veterinarian can help you provide first aid for your animal by telephone, or take you to the nearest nursing clinic! The animal health consultant will answer all your questions by phone from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

can query your personalized price for free on and find the ideal formula for your partner!

blue bubble: Daily veterinary expertise

originally created by veterinariansIRES, bullet blue brings you “veterinary” expertise every day.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletters. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the three “all risks” formulas for dogs and cats

the brand provides three insurance formulas for dogs and cats (“basic blue”, “quiet blue” and “quiet blue”), which can reimburse 80% of veterinary expenses in the event of accidents, diseases and surgery.


deductibles are once a year, To avoid accidents.:) The best guaranteed recipe (“blue tranquility”) has no annual deductible! Health consultant blue bullet blue (veterinary assistant graduate) is available by telephone from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. What are the advantages of

blue bullet insurance, the shortest disease waiting period in the

market? As your veterinarian will fill out the blue bubble health certificate, your waiting period for disease will be reduced to 7 days. Therefore, if your partner is ill, your veterinary expenses will be paid faster.

prevention is in two

formulas. “Quiet blue” and “calm blue” formulas include prevention packages of 50 euros / year and 100 euros / year to help reimburse prevention expenses, (vaccines, insect repellents, health checks, sterilization, etc.) are planned by your veterinarian.

please consult your price for free at and find the formula suitable for your pet!

Jim & Joe: simple, single price and 100% digital discount!

Jim & Joe, this is an animal health insurance designed for “100% digital” lovers. From underwriting to reimbursement, everything is done online. Simple and fast!

is a simple service

to protect your dog or cat Another notable feature of Jim & Joe is the simplicity of its products: the full risk (accident, disease and surgery) formula for dogs and cats. Each animal has 2 unique prices, depending on the refund rate: 50% or 80%. The price of

dog formula (applicable to more than 300 varieties):

, and

Price of “chat” package (applicable to all kinds of cats):

prevention is also important!

According to Jim & Joe’s formula, the cost of prevention can also be up to 20 euros / year or 50 euros / year. This annual amount can be used to reimburse vaccines, insect repellents, health checks or any other care that your veterinarian can foresee and plan. The

is a customer area for managing your

reimbursement Jim & Joe provides customers with a personalized online space! Through this space, you can submit and track your claims and view all useful information and documents related to the contract.

just click www.jim et to subscribe to the formula you choose! “Kdspe

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