Frightened by the sound of the vacuum cleaner, this young girl runs to take refuge towards her best friend, a Husky who offers her unwavering support (Video)

Because she was afraid of the noise produced by the vacuum cleaner, a little girl ran to her dog to find comfort in him. Everything was filmed by his father.

Our dogs can be afraid of different types of noises , including thunderstorms , fireworks – the causes of many runaways – or even vacuuming . It is precisely the vacuum cleaner that it is about here, but in this story, it is not a canine which is the most terrified by the device, but a child .

As reported by Animal Channel , the scene was filmed by the girl’s father and dog owner, a Siberian Husky . He posted the video on the YouTube platform, where he explains that his baby was 11 months old at the time and was about to vacuum, when his daughter got scared .

The dog stood quietly in his corner. He was probably not too reassured by the noise of the device either, but he tried to stay calm . He had to, because he had to comfort the child, who immediately rushed to him and hugged him .

Even when her father turned off the vacuum cleaner, the little girl preferred to stay with her four-legged friend. It shows how much confidence children have in their dogs and the importance of dogs in the lives of younger children.

This touching video has totaled nearly 20 million views on the YouTube platform, and generated thousands of comments. You can find it below:

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