Dog washing: steps to an effective bath

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, bathing dogs is an art. If this kind of care is not necessarily the most common in a year, then you should use the correct technology, respect all necessary postures, and don’t forget to choose the correct shampoo.


shampoo / foam without flushing, what protocol should be followed? What shampoo do you use to wash dogs?

a successful bath, we must first be prepared. First of all, you need a place suitable for the size of a dog: a bathtub or shower box for medium-sized or large animals, a sink for dogs or puppies… You also need to consider a non slip surface to prevent your dog from slipping and injury. Finally, a very important factor: before you wet the dog (35 ° C-38 ° C), ensure that the water temperature is kept at a low temperature.

finally, in order to wash effectively, the new douxo S3 series of CEVA laboratory will be a valuable asset. These specially researched shampoos can provide your animals with high-quality hair and skin care, as well as foam without washing to supplement daily care. A major innovation in pet dermatology.

shampoo / foam, without flushing, what procedures should be followed?

provides the best hair care for your dog. It is recommended that you alternate bathing and foam application without washing. The scheme verified by experts is to thoroughly clean hair and skin with shampoo, and then foam 3 times a week for 3 weeks without flushing. Of course, don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly.


recommend using foam without flushing. The pressure is once per kilogram for dogs weighing less than 6kg and twice per kilogram for dogs weighing more than 6kg. In fact, for example, for a 3 kg Chihuahua, you need 3 pressures, while for a 30 kg Labrador hound, you need 15 pressure / foam doses. If the animal is hairy or bushy, you need to double the dose.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. To learn more about bath steps, first wet thoroughly, and then use shampoo multiple times in the recommended dose. This is the pressure per 2 kg of weight. In other words, if you have a 12 kg dog, you need 6 doses of (pressure) shampoo. If the animal has long hair or thick hair, you need to double the dose and apply the product to possible injury areas, abdomen and folds before transferring to the back. Shampoo must penetrate into animal skin. Be careful not to apply it on the dog’s head to prevent foam or water from entering the dog’s eyes or ears, then rinse down from the neck, and finally leave the injured part. After the first shampoo, the second shampoo. Considering this time, let it run for 5 minutes before the last flushing. The last step is obviously drying, which must be complete and mild. Instead of rubbing, it’s better to gently wash the dog with a towel or hair dryer at low temperature, paying special attention to the folds

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what shampoo? The choice of

shampoo is very important. Dogs need a specific kind of shampoo, so it is strongly recommended not to use human shampoo. In fact, our skin is more acidic (pH = 5.5) than dogs (pH = 7): using human shampoo will stimulate your partner. The ingredients must be appropriate and must respect the specificity of the dog’s skin and hair. newThe “douxo S3” series proposed by CEVA laboratory is based on these characteristics.

douxo S3 is designed in consultation with pet owners to meet all their needs:

shampoo respects sensitive skin, It is based on the simultaneous action of three functions (mechanical, immune and microbial) of eyeball on skin barrier. It provides maximum safety and tolerance because it does not contain controversial ingredients (Nipagin, soap, dyes, nanoparticles, phthalates, etc.). This is a real fun to use because it is selected by a variety of perfumes and textures and owners. The packaging provided by the series greatly simplifies the application of the above protocol.

knows all the douxo S3 series of CEVA: shampoo for dogs and cats, but also includes anti itching spray, preservative solution, non flushing cleaning foam, cleaning cotton and disinfectant, antiseptic lotion…

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