This kitten created his own game with crazy intelligence (video)

PortobelloRoad / Reddit

That cats are intelligent beings and constantly able to surprise us, it is not a scoop for all those who rub shoulders with them. The sequence in question here, showing one of them playing a game he created himself, is worth a visit. A video posted by a Reddit user that didn’t take long to go viral.”

What does a person do when they are bored? She invents an activity and thus takes care of the mind and hands. This is also what our pets do, as evidenced by this video relayed by the Hindustan Times on Wednesday, August 18.”

A scene that is both surprising and adorable, published yesterday on the American community website Reddit by a user using the pseudonym PortobelloRoad. In just a few hours, the post reached 6800 upvotes and elicited dozens of comments from admiring and amused netizens.”

PortobelloRoad / Reddit

A creative cat and having fun in his own way

The author of the publication explains that the cat in question is that of his sister and that he answers to the name of Stanley. The animal has invented a game that he loves to play, he also says in the caption of the video.

The images first show the feline standing on a carpet, facing his cat tree / scratching griff. The structure is surmounted by a basket at the bottom of which is an object. The game created by the animal consists of kicking under said basket to make the toy jump in the air, then go to retrieve it to start again. Stanley even sometimes tries to catch up with the object in mid-flight after throwing it using his very personal technique.”

The sequence is further proof that cats are endowed with remarkable intelligence. It also reminds us that we never get bored with these incredible beings and that they will always amaze us.”

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Here is the video in question:

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