Donor pays 100% of medical costs for injured dog found in dumpster

In a town in Northwest Ohio, a garbage collector discovered and rescued a female dog that had been abandoned in a dumpster. Injured and exhausted, Phoenix has been taken in by a local association, which is now seeking to identify its former owners.

In early January, an urban cleaning agent was preparing to empty the contents of a dumpster in one of the streets of Warren , a city located 80 km from Cleveland , when he made a sad discovery . Among the trash was an injured and neglected female dog , as the Cleveland 19 News reports.

The canine was immediately taken to the vet . The latter found that the quadruped suffered from lesions on the legs , infections in various places of the head and neck, as well as dental problems . A broken and infected tooth had to be removed .

The dog, who was named Phoenix after her rescue , does not have a fracture , according to the Trumbull County Animal Welfare League , an animal welfare association looking after her. She adds that her spine and pelvis were in good condition, but Phoenix was dehydrated and malnourished .

A person whose identity has not been revealed has agreed to bear all of the veterinary costs . The organization thanked her in their Facebook post about the bitch. The other donations will be devoted to the investigation and care of his fellows living in this refuge in Vienna . Phoenix can be offered for adoption when her health permits.

In addition, the Animal Welfare League of County of Trumbull launched a call for witnesses in order to identify the former owners of the bitch and the authors of this abandonment .


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