Walking the dog without a belt

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it is the wish of every owner to walk the dog safely without a belt. This inevitably requires good education.


without a dog: how does the law teach it the importance of reminding, and how does it teach it to remind?

we all want our dogs to run freely and without belts, but this is not always possible. In addition to legal restrictions, some dogs who are a little stubborn, distracted or running away are unwilling to come back. What does the law say about dogs not wearing belts?

dog without belt: before considering how to ensure that the dog can walk safely without belt, what does

dog without belt mean? We should remember the regulations of legislators on this situation. French law does not always prohibit walking dogs without a belt in the city. On the other hand, some municipal orders prevent you from doing so. In this case, you must arrange and ask your community to determine your rights. On the other hand, article l211-22 of the rural Code stipulates that mayors “… Shall take all appropriate measures to prevent cats and dogs from going their separate ways.

in addition, there is another decree, the decree of July 31, 1989, The law stipulates a one-year period for banning dog walking in the forest outside the forest alley and in the forest, from April 15 to June 30. This means that outside this time, you can walk the dog without a belt, if not prohibited. However, be careful, because if a dog is more than 100 meters away from its owner outside the hunting activity, how does it walk. In addition, the dog must always be under the control of its owner.

teaches it the importance of

reminder, the famous “foot” reminder, which is part of basic learning. The important thing is that your dog has learned from a very young age to come back to you when you command him. This is a long process, but it is not difficult. Finally, the dog will be asked to answer the first call without having to repeat it several times.

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if a dog doesn’t come back to its owner often, it can’t move freely without a belt. This brings a lot of risks to dogs and others. The same is true for you, because you have moral and legal responsibilities.


dogs can escape, show aggression to the same kind or other animals they encounter, be attracted to a hot female, scare people, or worse, attack them, Being hit by a car… There are many potential dangers. We might as well protect ourselves from this situation by completely convincing the dog. How does

teach it to remember this? The

callback learning started very early. A 3-month-old or 4-month-old puppy may have started.

in the first few days, it is recommended to start this sport at home, preferably in the garden, where the puppy will not be distracted by other things.

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Tell him to walk away, then squat down and clap his hands or thighs to call him. Encourage him to join you more in a pleasant tone. Continue dIf he doesn’t respond, call him, but keep calm. Dogs are predators, which means they can better see things in motion. Don’t hesitate to seduce him in the opposite way so that he will react and come back to you. As soon as he arrives, he will warmly congratulate him on associating it with some pleasant things. You can even give him some candy. Therefore, do not reconnect it immediately to avoid negative correlation (recall = end of the recreate).

you don’t have to look for it every time, otherwise animals may develop a bad habit and stop joining you when they know you will.

every day you can increase the distance between you and repeat this exercise outside your home.

remembers to congratulate him every time he comes back, even if he is a little delayed on the road. It’s no use scolding him. It will only reduce his enthusiasm to join you.

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