15 cute photos of dogs that will make you want to take the plunge

When you hesitate to adopt a dog and see pictures of these adorable furballs, you are instantly won over. This series of photos will only confirm it.

Many people would love to adopt a dog but wonder if they could provide him with the environment he needs. However, when all the conditions are met to welcome a canine companion, all that remains is to take the step of adoption.

Here are 15 photos of dogs to help you decide on adoption.

1. This absolutely touching gaze is that of a dog soothed to find himself under a roof and surrounded by a loving family.

2. This Boxer crossbreed is the wisest and most grateful of all dogs.

3. A Mudi dog of Hungarian origin but who has nothing against cuddly toys from an imaginary world

4. This lovely little Australian Shepherd dog did not appreciate her encounter with the snow

5. A Dalmatian and Bulldog cross who turns 15 with a good steak

6. This lovely Golden Retriever is illuminated as much as he illuminates the life of his family

7. He was officially decorated as the bravest dog

8. The joy that reads in the eyes of this Beagle, seeing his new family heading towards him at the animal shelter, is unparalleled.

9. This adorable dog lived in the street, but met her guardian angel and here she is quietly lying on her sofa

10. A dog to whom we pay homage

11. This bitch’s smile says it all

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12. He is happy with this princely armchair on which he spends his afternoons

13. The foster family of this bitch has decided to become her adoptive family i

14. We can not resist this look so tender

15. This puppy is in heaven and his family too


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