Each night these Golden Retrievers use the family baby to have treats incognito

In addition to adoring the family’s baby, dogs Bleu and Colby also understood that she could be of use to them and allow them to satisfy their insatiable appetites.

Golden Retrievers are known for their gentleness , especially with children , but also for their gluttony . Bleu and Colby are no exception. They have never been happier than since the arrival of Chloe , the daughter of their owners Chris Cardinal and his wife.

The 2 dogs quickly became attached to the baby . The more time passed, the more this relationship grew stronger, as The Dodo tells it. At the age of 15 months, little Chloe was able to walk, which opened up interesting prospects for the duo of canines.

In the past, they systematically positioned themselves under her high chair when she ate her meal. They knew full well that she was going to drop pieces and were therefore happy to enjoy it . The Golden Retrievers, however, decided to take it up a notch; they would no longer wait for Chloe to lose some crumbs, but would now take action by making her their accomplice .

The baby’s parents realized this when they viewed the CCTV footage of her bedroom, after realizing one morning that she had managed to get out on her own. However, they had closed the door firmly the day before and the little one could not reach the doorknob.

The video therefore allowed them to see more clearly. Bleu and Colby’s little ploy was to open the door and wake the child up so that she could go get them some treats in the kitchen. Here is the proof in pictures:

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