Couple sacrifice huge sum to save Husky from meat trade (video)

Christine and Steve Arnott had plans to completely renovate their kitchen. They turned a blind eye to spending to make their dream come true. But their plans changed completely when they crossed paths with Deena.

Christine Arnott’s eyes shone like stars when she received a work bonus worth £ 4,000 (over € 4,500). She was as excited as her husband to completely renovate the kitchen. But destiny decided otherwise.

The 2 animal lovers, who already own 3 Alaskan Malamutes and 3 German Shepherds, spotted on an association’s website the photo of a 16-month-old puppy. The duo were moved by the facial expression of the female Husky, Metro reports.

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We did some research and found out that she was found on a street in Changchun with a broken hind leg after escaping from a meat truck ,” said Christine Arnott . She and her husband did not think long before making their decision: with the sum obtained recently, they decided to give Deena a better life.

Long months of waiting

The couple donated £ 135 (the equivalent of around € 150) to the association to sponsor the young dog. The rest of the money was spent on food, blankets and other accessories to properly accommodate the new family member.

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It was only after 5 months that Deena arrived safely. Her adoptive mother couldn’t hold back a flood of tears when they first met. “ It was just amazing to see and hold it after five months of photos and videos, ” she said. Arrived at home, the puppy got to know the 6 other dogs, with whom she gets along very well today.

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Deena has started a whole new chapter in her life, alongside caring people. “ Sometimes we sit down and look at her and think about the horror that could have happened, ” said Christine Arnott , happy to have saved a life.

© Katielee Arrowsmith / SWNS


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