His master was only away for 2 days, but this dog greeted him as if he hadn’t seen him in ages

Cotton, a deaf dog adopted from a shelter, truly adores his military dad. So, when the latter came home after being away for the whole weekend, the animal made him party like never before.

The master of Cotton the Pitbull is part of the National Guard of the State of Oregon (northwestern United States). In other words, he is a reservist in the US Army . As such, he regularly participates in exercises which usually take place on weekends. It’s only 2 days of absence , but for her dog , it’s an eternity !

Deaf and adopted from a shelter , Cotton is extremely attached to his owner. Each time the latter leaves the house, the quadruped impatiently awaits his return , as shown in the video below recorded by his wife.

So we see Cotton who, feeling that his daddy is going to come home shortly after having accomplished his duty, is stationed behind the door in order to scrutinize the slightest sign of his arrival .

Long minutes pass before he finally recognizes the silhouette of his master as he approaches the door. And once it is open, the brave canine lets his joy explode . The dog is also so excited that the man struggles to enter.

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Cotton fully enjoys this reunion and the caresses of his master, whom he has long awaited. Boosted, he spins around, hops, nibbles his hands and rubs against his legs.

There is no doubt that the dog is truly man’s best friend .


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