Missed sterilization appointment with vet due to Covid-19 leads to record litter of puppies in Ireland

Brendan Gleeson

Unable to have their dogs sterilized due to the coronavirus pandemic, an Irish family found themselves with a record litter. The puppies are doing well and will soon have to discover their new homes.

The Killings were already a large family, with 5 children . She is now even more so, since their dog Bella , a 15 month old Labrador-Retriever , gave birth to 16 puppies !

This is the greatest scope in their country, Ireland, and the 2nd in the world. Alas, one of the little ones died shortly after coming into the world. As for the other 15, they are in great shape and, as soon as they have grown sufficiently after their weaning , they will join their new families . The Killings , who live in the village of Crecora (South West Ireland) have in fact decided to keep only one, which they named Walter ; the rest will be given to relatives , reports CNews .

The irony is that it was the Covid-19 pandemic that made it possible to witness the birth of such a large scope. The owners of Bella and the lucky dad Archie , an Irish Setter / English Springer cross, had requested an appointment at the veterinary clinic to have them sterilized , but the procedure was considered non-urgent and therefore referred to a doctor. later date.

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They had tried to prevent Bella and Archie from mating , but to no avail. The delivery of 8 males and 8 females began on Saturday, July 25 in the evening and continued until the next morning, details Irish Examiner .

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